October 09, 2005

Who Am I?

no, i'm not coming out of the closet.

i ate some cheese (not mozzarella) saturday night...it was me, two close friends, some sangria, serrano ham, some good bread, roasted peppers...and manchego at a tapas bar on 22nd st in the mission. admittedly, manchego is a mild cheese, but it's a giant step for me in terms of accepting cheese as anything but rat poison.

those of you who don't know: it is a long-standing tradition of mine to by and large HATE CHEESE. I just have never been much a fan of it. I make exceptions: mozzarella on pizza, fresh mozzarella with heirloom tomatoes and basil, & a judicious sprinkling of fruity olive oil, sea salt and coarse ground black pepper, ricotta-filled canolli, and tiramisu. but never have i just bitten a slice of cheese and not wanted to retch.

am i still myself?

a change in format

i have a job that does not afford me the time to take a nice lunch break, so the feasibility of having a series of Friday lunches borders on nil.

Gentle Readers, i have decided to resume posting here, but with shorter rants, raves, stories and reviews which may or may not take place on Fridays. More likely, I will give accounts of Friday happy hours.

thank you